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Racist Donny Deutsch Defames Conservative Blacks and Jews in TV Rant

September 23, 2020

The same man who had the gall to use “yellow man” on live television is at it again!


Tampa, FL – Racist television personality Donny Deutsch was at it again this morning as he went on a tirade against African American and Jewish supporters of Donald Trump. During a panel on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Deutsch declared that the president uses Black supporters as “tokens” at his rallies, making the racist assumption that Black conservatives are dumb enough to let themselves be used as props.

Deutsch couldn’t resist getting another racist jibe into his monologue, and also went after Jewish supporters of the president.

“If you are a Jew in this country and you are supporting Donald Trump, you are not looking back at our history, and you are blind, and you are walking like a lemming off a cliff.”

This should come as no surprise, since this is the same man who was crass enough to use the term “yellow man” earlier this year during another racist rant on live television.

Bishop Aubrey Shines, founder of Conservative Clergy of Color, slammed Deutsch and called for him to immediately apologize.

“As someone who has both African and Jewish heritage, this is appalling and disgusting. Elections make us more passionate, but that is no excuse to make racist generalizations like this. A Black person or Jewish person is not ignorant or stupid because they support one party over another,” said Bishop Shines.

“If a Black decides to vote Democrat or Republican, they can do that since we live in a free country. I think Mr. Deutsch should also remember we don’t take kindly to being thought of as props. The slave owners of days gone by used us as “tokens” to show off their wealth, and trust me, no self-respecting Black would let anyone manipulate them into being a token. Don’t insult us by calling us such names.”


To reach Bishop Aubrey Shines for comment, please contact Will Hadden at [email protected] or call 703.739.5920