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Conservative Clergy of Color

Uncover the racism where it truly lies

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Our Mission Statement

We deliver truthful narratives on the issues of racism throughout our influential network of pastors and across multiple media channels to prevent the destruction of our country driven by increasingly divisive forces.

Latest Statement


Diversity training that celebrates the value of every individual

Getting to All Lives Matter acknowledges that team-building requires more acceptance, tolerance and respect. We believe that can’t be achieved with more racism. We believe you do not fight discrimination with more discrimination.

Our approach aims at validating the ideas and gifts of every member of the team, not pre-judging employees based on skin color, political affiliation, religion or other criteria.

Getting to All Lives Matter helps encourage stronger relationships by creating a more analytical culture within groups to ensure a more effective, solutions-oriented approach to conflict.

Eight Questions About Race


In his new book, Bishop Aubrey Shines sheds light on the difficult questions raised by the racial protests in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd, proposing a Christian response to the agenda and claims of Black Lives Matter.

Bible Verse of The Week – Romans 8:21

That the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God.

In The News

Read the latest media coverage of Conservative Clergy of Color.

Rush Limbaugh Show: Rush Condemns the Identity Politics That Drove Will Smith to Pull His Movie from Georgia

Rush Limbaugh Show: Rush Condemns the Identity Politics That Drove Will Smith to Pull His Movie from Georgia

So that’s in the New York Times and the Washington Post and all these people, “Well, we better… We better advertise so everybody thinks we care deeply, and we’re all woke and everything. Okay?” But nobody’s talking about the group of black ministers and pastors. They published a full-page ad against the Biden administration and former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams because they said they were…

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Bishop Aubrey Shines in “Newt’s World” with New Gingrich

Bishop Aubrey Shines in “Newt’s World” with New Gingrich

What does the Black Lives Matter movement really stand for?  What do we know about the organization and their Marxist founders?  As the Co-Founder of the Conservative Clergy of Color, Bishop Aubrey Shines has studied the BLM movement and shines a light on what values they truly represent, and it may shock you.  Newt’s guest is Bishop Aubrey Shines.

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