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BLM brings economic stress to communities it claims to represent: pastor

August 26, 2020

Originally appeared on Fox Business
August 26, 2020

We now have the first tangible results from BLM’s mad, anti-police crusade

Early in August a news story jumped out to me and not in a good way my friends. I am still thinking about it.

As Fox Business reported on August 5, a trucking company will no longer deliver to cities that are defunding police. The co-owner of JKC Trucking, Mike Kucharski, told Fox he was concerned for the safety of his drivers and their cargo going to cities where police have had their budgets slashed.

As an African American and a minister, I knew something like this would happen sooner or later.

My colleagues and I founded Conservative Clergy of Color because we were afraid something like this would happen if Black Lives Matter was the only voice in the room.

We wanted to give a voice to African Americans who believe in real change, not leftist platitudes and want their country to be better.

My father was able to watch this country become a better place from the segregation he knew growing up but now I fear the progress he witnessed is being turned on its head. We’ve now seen the first domino fall in the rollback of that progress.

These, friends, are the first tangible results from Black Lives Matter’s mad, anti-police crusade. These are the first far-reaching consequences beyond the violence in cities this summer that has gone so long it’s beginning to feel lethargic. These are the consequences that BLM’s leadership probably are fully aware of, but that the young misguided social justice warriors that make up their ranks haven’t stopped to think about.

When you do stop and think about it, why should the owner put his drivers in danger? Why would he risk the danger in cities where police have been hamstrung and rioters have free reign of the streets?

When young children like poor Secoriea Turner in Atlanta are getting gunned down in the streets, I wouldn’t want my employees going to those cities either.

It’s sad we’ve come to this, but it’s the truth. Black Lives Matter has crippled the police across dozens of cities, and we’re now seeing the economic impact.

Cities that normally receive commerce by way of trucking companies and shipping outlets are now going to lose a vital source of income. Depending on the size of the city, the effect could range from negligible to devastating.

Either way, it’s a problem none of these communities should have faced. But because city leaders and governments either were bullied into defunding their police or just felt like being politically correct, grocery stores and retail outlets are going to have to find other ways to supply their products.

Now you might be thinking, “I see your point Bishop, but won’t another trucking company just step up and fill the void?” Ideally, you’d be right, but I would pose the counter-question of how long it will take before other companies follow JKC’s lead if the riots aren’t brought to heel soon.

For that matter, how long will it be before other industries start making similar choices? How long will it be before the results BLM’s leftist ideology impedes different businesses from providing income to communities?

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