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July 6, 2020

Tampa, FL – Bishop Aubrey Shines, chairman of Conservative Clergy of Color, condemned calls from Black Lives Matter Activist Shaun King to tear down statues of Jesus with European facial designs Monday. King tweeted that images of Jesus with Caucasian likenesses “should come down” because they “always have been” a form of white supremacy.

“This is beyond disgusting. This is beyond outrageous. This is an insult of the lowest order to every single Christian living in the United States,” said Bishop Shines. “How dare Mr. King try to paint our Savior into one race and use that as an excuse to deface His image. Does this mean now that every Biblical figure must go too?

Conservative Clergy of Color is a coalition of pastors and ministers who believe that their work supersedes the boundaries of race. They stand for the freedom of religion in American and condemn unequivocally any call to deface religious symbols of any kind. They stand with all people who want solutions, not more division.

“Mr. King’s imbecilic knowledge of this issue is embarrassing,” Bishop Shines said. “If he asks that the Eurocentric depiction of Christ come down, would he be okay if the Afrocentric, or, the Asian centric images also be removed? There’s a reason why there is no physical portrait of the Messiah, because it was never about the pigmentation of individuals who lived in that region during that time the holy Scriptures declare by one blood were all races created. To raise the issue of the degree of melanin in one’s DNA as it relates to Christianity represents the most asinine, idiotic understanding of basic Judeo-Christian orthodoxy.