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Reverend M.J. Reid

July 10, 2020

Born in Detroit, Michigan, to John Richard Reid and Mary Stone Reid, he grew up as the youngest in a lower middle-class family of 10. Marlin Jevon Reid (M.J.) received his primary education in the Detroit public school system. Upon high school graduation, he furthered his education in seminary and graduated from Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Embarking into full time ministry, he served at various churches and ministries as a supportive minister and an under shepherd. As his prowess as a dynamic speaker grew, the demand for his voice to be heard in a wider range became more and more evident.

He stepped out and launched his itinerant ministry.

For over 30 years, M.J. has traveled extensively nationally and internationally.

He has conducted religious meetings in various wide venues ranging from churches, open air crusades in foreign nations, prisons, college campuses, youth camps, etc. He eventually went on to being viewed and heard by millions of people across the world by hosting live Christian TV shows, making many television appearances and radio interviews.

After having a successful traveling ministry for 16 yrs, M.J. launched a church in spring of 2007. Since then, the church has grown into a multi-cultural membership of 300 people, allowing him to serve his flock in a 12,000 square foot facility in Livonia, Michigan.

Pastor M.J. Reid is well respected and known by his peers to be a thought leader, lecturer, teacher, minister, raconteur, and revivalist among his peers.

He is considered to be a capable voice and is often called upon for conservative thought and philosophy in the Ecclesiastical and political theaters of today’s society.