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NBA Leaving Marxist BLM Propaganda “Off the Floor” Next Season

October 7, 2020

NBA double dribbles, steps on the line, commits blocking foul


Tampa, FL – National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver announced this week his league is benching the Marxist propaganda of Black Lives Matter. In an interview Tuesday, Silver told NBA Countdown that the NBA will likely not display social justice messaging on jerseys next season, instead leaving those “off the floor.” Players have been allowed to display the BLM slogan on jerseys this season, pushing the anti-American themes of BLM onto fans who just want to watch good basketball. Silver even acknowledged that he knows fans are tired of their game being politicized.

“And I understand those people who are saying ‘I’m on your side, but I want to watch a basketball game,’” Silver said.

“I want to commend Commissioner Silver for this decision as an excellent first step in the right direction,” said Conservative Clergy of Color founder Bishop Aubrey Shines. “There’s plenty to do on civil rights issues off the court, but basketball should be something that brings people together. Instead, the NBA has been allowing Black Lives Matters’ divisive messaging to ruin a game millions of Americans love. I’m happy they won’t be forcing this on fans any longer, and I hope this gives the NBA time more time to address real issues of oppression like China’s exploitation of ethnic minorities.”


To reach Bishop Aubrey Shines for comment, please contact Will Hadden at [email protected] or call 703.739.5920