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July 6, 2020

Washington, DC – Bishop Aubrey Shines, founder of Glory to Glory Ministries and prominent leader in the African American community, announced Monday the launch of “Conservative Clergy of Color,” a new coalition of voices dedicated to changing the American debate on race. The group will focus on reshaping the idea of systemic racism by focusing on where it is most rampant; the foundations of the Democratic Party.

“For far too long now the Democrats and their foot soldiers on the left have dominated the dialogue on race in this country,” Bishop Shines declared. “They insist there is a rot in our country, but the only rot I see is the rot that has festered in the very foundations of the Democratic Party, a party that was built from the ground up on the backs of oppressed blacks!”

In an op-ed published Monday, Bishop Shines pointed to numerous examples throughout American history of racism from Democrats, from their refusal to include anti-lynching in their platform during the early 20th century, to FDR preventing Jews fleeing the Holocaust from entering the U.S., to the resistance by Congressional Democrats to the Civil Rights movement in the 1950’s, and to the appropriation of the traditional Kente cloth by members of the Democratic leadership last week.

Conservative Clergy of Color’s mission is to shine the light of truth on every single instance of racism from Democrats.

“We will not rest until truth prevails over hypocrisy,” Bishop Shines said. “Until Democrats stop pointing fingers at anyone who disagrees with them and take a good long look in the mirror, we will not rest.”

To schedule an interview with Bishop Shines, please contact Will Hadden at [email protected] or call 703.739.5920.