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It’s official! DNC and BLM Marry at the Altar says Perez

August 18, 2020

Rioting, maiming, beating are now official Democrat policy.


Tampa, FL – The Democratic National Convention kicks off tonight, and party chairman Tom Perez is giving Black Lives Matter a seat at the head of the table. As reported by The Hill, Perez promised his party would align with BLM and that much of the convention will focus on BLM’s narrow view of racial justice.

“The Black Lives Matter movement has given voice to the deep-seated inequality that has plagued our nation since its inception,” Perez said. “The Democratic Party shares in their commitment to justice and hears their demands for change. When we nominate Joe Biden to be our standard-bearer, we will not miss this moment to ensure those values are reflected in everything we do.”

“Well it’s finally happened; the Democratic Party has officially aligned itself with the Black Lives Matter agenda,” said Conservative Clergy of Color Chairman Bishop Aubrey Shines. “I hope they know what they’re in for; BLM isn’t known for treating its friends well.”

In case you’ve forgotten, Black Lives Matter is run by self-proclaimed Marxists. It has spent the summer looting and destroying America’s cities. It has deepened the social divide in America and made things worse for race relations. BLM thugs have tried their hardest to remake American society, from forcing the propaganda of “The 1619 Project” into schools to promising to destroy the nuclear family. The thugs who do BLM’s dirty work have threatened people at their homes, beaten people bloody, hamstrung police, murdered children, and driven a black female police chief from her job.

“Democrats, these are the people you’ve aligned yourselves with. The values you now elevate are not the values of reformists. They do not care a modicum about making this country better. Their talk of reform is cheap, what they’re really after is the complete dismantling of American society. I say to Mr. Perez, be careful who you invite to the dinner table. Foxes always smile before they turn on the sheep,” Bishop Shines said.


To schedule interviews with Bishop Aubrey Shines of Conservative Clergy of Color, please contact Will Hadden at [email protected] or call 703.739.5920