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Hillary Clinton Confirms Finally What We’ve Known Since 1992. She’s A Marxist. Hillary Praises Marxist BLM

September 30, 2020

Conservative Clergy of Color leader rebuffs misconception that Black Lives Matter is either profound or theological


Tampa, FL – Conservative Clergy of Color founder Bishop Aubrey Shines rebuked Hillary Clinton today for her ridiculous claim that Black Lives Matter is rooted in faith. During an episode of her new podcast, Clinton claimed Black Lives Matter is a “very profoundly a theological statement,” seeming to forget the movement born out of this phrase is run by “trained Marxists.”

“I must say, this one is a real headscratcher. Then again, Mrs. Clinton would not be the first poor listener I’ve seen in Sunday school,” said Bishop Shines.

“I write about this very subject in my book, ‘Eight Questions About Race.’ First of all, to say one group of lives matters without regard for any others cannot be theological because our Savior died for all lives. Second, the movement which sprang out of this phrase is organized and run by, in their own words, ‘trained Marxists.’ As Marxism has atheistic roots, I wish Mrs. Clinton the best of luck to try and explain this one to her listeners.”


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