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Conservative Clergy of Color Statement on Nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

September 26, 2020


Tampa, FL – Conservative Clergy of Color declared its support today for the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court to succeed the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. President Trump announced Judge Barrett as his pick to fill the seat left vacant by Justice Ginsburg, who passed away last week from complications due to pancreatic cancer.

“We at Conservative Clergy of Color agree the Judge Barrett is the best choice to join the Court at this time. Judge Barrett is an originalist and has proven herself time and time again to stand for the Constitutional principles and values that form the basis of our country, values we hold dear,” Bishop Aubrey Shines, chairman of CCC said. “Judge Barrett is also a committed Christian, stands for the rights of the unborn, and most importantly she exhibits careful analysis and due process in her rulings.

As we have seen from the violent riots carried out by Black Lives Matter this summer, the rule of law is being ignored in our country. Our cities have born torn apart by anarchists and self-styled Marxists who jump at every perceived societal problem as a reason to tear the system down. Listening to all sides has been cast away in favor of mob mentality, and our mission at CCC has been to be a voice for those who still believe in making informed decisions based on facts. Judge Barrett’s opinions have all been based on careful analysis from what we have seen.

What’s more, she has in the past joined with liberals in her rulings, which shows us is willing to listen to every perspective and reach across the aisle. While we are conservative here at CCC, we respect and appreciate anyone who has the character to disagree philosophically with someone else and still work with them to reach a solution.

These reasons give us confidence in how Judge Barrett will conduct herself.  Therefore, we pray for a swift confirmation and wish her the best of luck.”

Judge Barrett has served on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals since 2017. Prior to her appointment as a federal judge, she clerked for the late Justice Antonin Scalia and taught federal law at Notre Dame University, where also attended law school and graduated summa cum laude. She is married to her husband Jesse, with whom she has seven children.


To reach Bishop Aubrey Shines for comments and interviews, please contact Will Hadden at [email protected] or call 703.739.5920