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August 25, 2020

BLM protests convention despite two highly prominent, non-white speakers

Tampa, FL – Bishop Aubrey Shines, chairman of Conservative Clergy of Color, condemned Black Lives Matter for protests that have disrupted the city of Charlotte, NC during the Republican National Convention. Since Friday, according to The Hill, crowds outside the convention have been calling for defunding police and supporting BLM. At least two people have been hospitalized.

“I find it ironic that these people are protesting the RNC and calling for an end to ‘systemic racism’ even while two of the speakers on the first night, Tim Scott and Nikki Haley, are minorities. I’m not sure what racism they mean, but more to the point, this is not really about the RNC,” said Bishop Shines.

“Just like it has already hijacked any meaningful conversation on race, Black Lives Matter wants to hijack the RNC coverage and use the attention to push their anti-American, anti-family Marxist agenda. They already got a front seat at the DNC last week, but I guess that wasn’t enough. It just goes to show that Black Lives Matter is only satisfied when theirs is the only voice in the room. A seat at the table will never be enough; like the Jacobins of old, they strive to push everyone else away from the table, usually with violence and intimidation. I pray Charlotte doesn’t see their truly ugly side.”


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