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August 27, 2020

Net approval of BLM dropped 25 percent since June


Tampa, FL – A new Marquette poll released yesterday shows the actions of the radical Black Lives Matter movement are resulting in the loss of significant support in the state of Wisconsin. The study found that since June, net approval for BLM in Wisconsin dropped from +25 to +0. It seems peoples’ patience with BLM is starting to wear thin, especially now as the city of Kenosha remains caught in the latest round of violent riots.

“There’s the old adage about reaping what you sow and we’re seeing it now,” said Bishop Aubrey Shines, chairman of Conservative Clergy of Color. “People are tired of the violence propagated by Black Lives Matter. Explain to me how burning a business will fix racial disparities? You can’t, because they aren’t connected in any way. If you’re as tired of this mayhem as the people in Wisconsin, there’s a place for you at Conservative Clergy of Color.”


To speak with Bishop Aubrey Shines of Conservative Clergy of Color, please contact Will Hadden at [email protected] or call 703.739.5920