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Bishop Aubrey Shines Explains Democrats’ History of Systemic Racism

June 17, 2020

Bishop Aubrey Shines, founder and pastor of G2G Ministries in Tampa Bay, Florida, and founder of Conservative Clergy of Color, discussed left-wing and Democrat paternalism towards blacks on Tuesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

Shines linked the Democrat Party to “systemic racism” in a column published at the Washington Times. He wrote:

There’s plenty of systemic racism in our country; it’s all wrapped up in the history of the Democratic Party. The rot goes deep, back to the post-Civil War era. Former slaves and their children were forced for decades to endure the cruel, wretched Jim Crow laws that kept them from advancing in the South. And who was all too happy to keep those laws in place? The Democrats.

Shines said, “This is the mindset of the Democratic Party, and that is: Blacks are victims, [and] white liberals are there to rescue them. After all, they can’t stand on their own, but yet there’s no data in history that actually implies that.”

Read and listen: