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August 1, 2020

While the NFL punishes worship, it’s celebrating BLM protesting


Tampa, FL – Bishop Aubrey Shines, the chairman for Conservative Clergy of Color, harshly denounced the NFL this morning for deciding it’s going to punish players who attend church. According to reports, the league and the NFL Players Association have reached a deal that will restrict players from attending indoor worship services above 25 percent capacity. The NFL made the decision supposedly because of coronavirus, but that hasn’t stopped the league from praising players who attend massive Black Lives Matter rallies.

“This is a new, despicable low for the NFL and blatantly unconstitutional,” said Bishop Shines. “First they allowed players to dishonor the flag of our country at their games. Now they punish players who want to worship God while glorifying those who pander to the anti-American Black Lives Matter movement. This is a slap to every American who believes in freedom of religion. Interfering with someone’s right to worship is not only illegal, it is despicable, evil. They can use the pandemic as an excuse all they want but this is just one more step down on the NFL’s ladder of decay!”


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